Laidlaw Gulf LLC, a market leader in the supply of architectural ironmongery, was established in 2008 by John Jefferies who was owner of the Laidlaw Group, based in UK. In the 2011 the Group company was acquired by a London based venture capital company, who along with John Jefferies, created a much larger Group of companies, named Laidlaw Interiors Group. This included Laidlaw Solutions ironmongery, Leaderflush Shapland doors, Komfort partitions and Laidlaw International brands. During that period, Laidlaw Gulf LLC as part of our Laidlaw International business, operated independently in the UAE and Middle East market, sourcing product from both UK, Europe, USA and Far East suppliers. In 2015 however, due to difficult trading conditions, the Group company was put into administration and all of the UK and overseas businesses were broken up and sold off to other companies. John Jefferies subsequently retained the former Laidlaw International business which included Laidlaw Gulf LLC and today, along with his UAE local sponsor, is once again the owner of the business and the Laidlaw Gulf LLC name and brand in The Middle East. In addition to Laidlaw Gulf LLC, John Jefferies is also owner of Laidlaw Asia Limited an ironmongery distribution business in Asia,Timbmet Doors Solutions (Pvt) Limited a doorsets manufacturing facility in India and Doorsets International a doors and ironmongery distribution business in UK.

Over the 10 year period of his leadership, John Jefferies and his team have grown Laidlaw Gulf LLC into a successful distributor of architectural ironmongery, doorsets and glass partitions. We are grateful for the support of our many customers, with whom we have worked closely to support their client requirements and together we have delivered a number of high profile projects in UAE and Middle East markets. We have built long standing relationships with our clients who include: consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, door manufacturers, OEM’s and we are proud to be part of their supply chains. The goodwill which Laidlaw Gulf LLC has created over the past 10 years since John Jefferies established the business, continues today and we are proud here to introduce our new website which details our new products and brand portfolio.

Our new website details our product offering and brands, specifically our new LGAI ironmongery range and Doorsets International doors range. We welcome serving our customers in all of our UK and International markets as we strive to continue to deliver excellent customer service and support to our valued and loyal customer base.

John Jefferies, CEO, Laidlaw Gulf LLC